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Our Christian Vision

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Together. Respect. Encourage. Endeavour. Self-belief

Based on the parable of the Mustard Seed (Matthew 13: 31-32), we teach that “(the) smallest of all the seeds becomes the greatest of trees”

To make it more accessible for our children and school community, we have broken this down further:

The root of our vision is the acronym TREES. Together. Respect. Encourage, Endeavour. Self-belief. Our TREES acronym represent the core values our school community lives by. These are supported by the Christian values within the Roots and Fruits for creative collective worship, Oscar Out of The Box For interactive collective worship, Pathways to Prayer as well bespoke lessons in values.

We have adopted a value based approach to our curriculum structure:


This is the idea stage of our children’s learning. Allowing them to learn from our core values to work collaboratively with each other, communicate together, problem solve and lead.


This embeds the skills requirements of the national curriculum. What the children need to learn and how they progress throughout the year groups.



How will we help pupils to purposefully use the knowledge and skills taught to engage with others, the community and the world? Are there real-life opportunities for the pupils to see the impact of their knowledge, skills or work at a local or global level?

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